Sunday, May 22, 2011

A boy and his Dog!

I have a feeling Liam and Bella are going to be best buddies as he grows up. He will sit in his bouncer chair and grunt and squeal to get her attention and shake his arms up and down really fast like a little bird. When sitting on the floor playing, Bella will go and sit between his legs and Liam will grab her fur and rock like he is riding a horse. She is so good with him like you can see in these photos he will pull on her ears, and tail, try and suck on her feet (yuck)!

Bella will bring her toys to Liam and expect him to throw them for her, and will wait patiently for him to let go of her toys once he has grabbed one. The other day I was in the Kitchen and looked over just in time to see Liam put something in his mouth. He made a face like what the heck is this! I went right over and started digging in his mouth to find it was a piece of Bella's dog food. No wonder his face looked a little unsure. I guess it will just toughen up his immune system. I guess this is just the beginning of having a curious little boy!

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