Sunday, June 12, 2011

I am currently obsessed with taking my old clothes or finding used clothes at D.I. and refashioning them. I have always wanted to do this but didn't have a sewing machine and didn't really know how to use one. Since Zach is in Graduate school we have no money so that means no shopping trips for Sommer to get new cute clothes. So I decided if I couldn't go out and buy the new cute fashions why not make them from used clothing I have or that I can find for cheap. I have been looking online at designer clothing and trying to see how I could create a similar look with something I have. Even if Zach wasn't in school there is no way I could spend $1,000 or more on a piece of clothing. Probably since fashion changes so much I would rather buy a lot of less expensive pieces so when they are old or out of date I am fine getting rid of them. I also love to get more quantity rather than quality. This doesn't mean I like things to look cheap. I look for things that are on sale or that look more expensive but really aren't. Zach and I totally differ in this category. He is the opposite, and thats why when I met him he only had like a couple shirts and a few pairs of pants:)

This Faux Vest I made for Liam is from the same pair of pants I used to make my own vest in the last two photos.

This collar and cuff idea I got from a blog. It is made from a mans dress shirt. Since Zach wouldn't let me cut up any of his I went to D.I. and got a shirt.

This vest is the first project I have just winged which is probably not the smartest idea being a beginner. I used an old pair of m jeans and just crossed my fingers and hoped it turned out as I had planned. The collar ties into a bow in the back which is hard to see in the photos. I count my lucky stars that it turned out, but I guess if it wouldn't have it would just be another learning experience.

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