Sunday, June 19, 2011

Refashioned skirt and tank

So as of late I have been trying to do a craft each day or sew a little on a project each day. This doesn't always work having a ten month old that has the attention span of about 3 seconds. I usually try to quickly sew some stitches or cut out some fabric while he is taking a nap. In between running a brush through my hair, brushing my teeth, and running through the house picking up toys, shoes, and dog toys. If only people could see how I look during the week! I feel bad for our neighbors. I walk outside to take our dog out to pee with my hair lumpy, an old t-shirt on and sandals with my socks. Wow isn't that a pretty image. Saturday's and Sundays are my usual dress fancy day's. If only the people at church knew how I looked during the week! After Liam was born I was sick of him always spitting up geysers of food all over my nice clothes so I opted to wear old t-shirts that could handle the puddles of spit up I would face everyday. It has been fun thinking of a new outfit I can sew to wear to church or out on the town on Saturday's. Sunday is my day to get all dolled up and fancy, and to feel feminine. This week. I decided to make a dress to wear to church. I went to D.I. and found this bright red skirt. I decided to buy a grey tank top to use for the top of the dress. My mind was turning and trying to figure out how to refashion this skirt and tank into a cute dress. And this is what I came up with:

I took a red T-shirt and cut it up to make the flower. And found some striped fabric to make a sash, and a similar striped black and white button to be the center of the flower. I ruffed some black fabric from an old t-shirt and sewed it on the straps of the tank. The color scheme reminds me of the wizard of OZ. The part where it shows the dead witch under the house with her striped black and white socks and the ruby red slippers.

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Our Family said...

So cute!! I've always wanted to do that too, I even have a little basket with clothes that I am going to re-make, but I haven't gotten around to it yet. Your pictures have given me a little oomph to try :o)